Yarn Type Yarn Count
   Open-End Yarn Ne 8/1-36/1 
Mipaş  equipped with latest technology of cotton and yarn in the laboratories of Uster Spectrum, Spinlab AFIS NLT, Test 4, Test 3, Tensorapid 3, Classimat, Autosort the Schlafhorst Zweigle friction tester and Zweigle hairiness test equipment from raw material input items to output process at every stage necessary to achieve the best results of all quality tests are conducted. Mipaş İplik' domination on product quality in 100% control of incoming raw materials to begin with. 
Indicates that the product is not harmful to human health Ekoteks certificate, certified organic cotton we use in our production and purification facility as well as to the quality of our commitment to the environment and human health is also an indication.


Open-End Yarn


What business from 8-36 in Open-End Open-End yarn are produced.