About US

As a summary, we determine our quality objectives and quality policy that aims to reach you with the wholehearted support and participation will take place in all areas .
Accordingly ;
Mipaş, high product quality and maximum customer satisfaction, keeping in the forefront , in the textile industry to increase market share and profitability ; sound financial , administrative and technical structure aims to maintain its leadership in this area .
To accomplish this ;
* With the implementation of effective quality assurance system , from raw material input at all stages of product delivery to the customer , fully meet the expectations of our customers and ensure continuous improvement in this regard .
* Worldwide is recognized as a reputable and reliable company to ensure the continuity of our prestige
* Monitoring the developments in the sector , with new investments necessary research - development and training activities to improve the quality and diversity of its product .
* Quality Assurance System with the active participation of all employees peaceful, orderly and to create a safe working environment , in order to keep our chances of competition in the sector , the production of maximum quality at minimum cost awareness to all employees adopt.
Mipaş must accept all of the employees believing are our basic principles .